FAQs (For Influencer)


Asia Travel Club (ATC) leverages on social commerce & messaging platforms to provide a new engagement environment for influencers and travel brands across ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Greater China, Japan and South Korea.

There are 2 ways to sign up.

1) You may sign up through the ATC Social App: http://m.me/asiatravelclub.

2) You may sign up here at our website.

No membership fee is required to sign up as an influencer. However, influencers must have at least 1,000 followers on each of their social media accounts.

In order to give our hotel partners enough time to review your request, please make a request at least 30 days in advance prior to your intended date of stay. Once you have submitted your stay request, please allow our hotel partners 5 working days to work on your request.

Asia Travel Club would like to clarify that all request for a sponsored stay from influencers are decided upon by our hotel partners. The free hotel stays are given and approved by our hotel partners.


ATCoins is a point accumulative system for ATC users. It functions similarly like a reward card, where you accumulate points in exchange for rewards. You can also purchase the points directly.

Members can use it to redeem for exciting reward, such as a complimentary night stay from the list of our hotel partners.

1. You can earn ATCoins by requesting sponsored stays from our hotel partners and publishing reviews of your stay. Bonus ATCoins will also be awarded when your post (on Facebook/Instagram/Weibo only) exceeds 500 likes within 7 days.

2. You can also earn ATCoins by participating in our ATC Reward Program: (Eg: ATCPowerShare).Once you fulfil the task on respective program, you will be awarded with ATCoins.

3. You can also purchase ATCoins directly. (US$ 1 = 100 ATCoins) You can also enjoy a 20% Discount by being a member and purchasing ATCoins now by inserting the promo code: ATCM20.

3. For more information on ATCoins please click here.

Once you’ve accumulated enough ATCoins, you may redeem complimentary hotel stays via the ATC Social App on Messenger or WeChat. More rewards will be added in the future so do check out the ATC Social App frequently. Click here for a complete User Guide (influencers) of ATC Social App.

To redeem your points on ATC Social App, click here to learn how with our complete User Guide (Influencers).

Your ATCoins balance will be reflected in your Profile under Me within ATC Social App.